November 2017

Notice a change in meeting times. Our Chapter meeting will begin promptly at 6pm, and our class will be 6:30 to 8:30. All will take place in the Medical Meeting Room on the Avery entrance of Baptist hospital. We will discuss nominations for the future 2018 Chapter Board, and accept any volunteers that wish to apply. Our Chapter Board will also be approving the 2018 budget.
Members are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to share, water will be provided. The class is free to members, and $40 to non-members.

This 2 hour CE course presents the fundamental concepts, history
and strategies of Structural Myofascial Bodywork which is based on the work of Dr Ida P. Rolf. Participants will learn how to combine basic hands –on myofascial techniques with active movement by the client. A 30 minute lecture, followed by a 30 minute demonstration will be followed by one hour of hands on technique application by participants. You will also learn postural and movement assessments to better understand how to improve structure through specific applications of myofascial techniques. Learning these skills will help you understand how myofascial work can improve posture and a better structural balance with gravity. SMT can be integrated into your practice with ease. Work smarter, not harder!



1000 W Avery St, Pensacola Baptist Hospital