Ian McIntosh has been a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001. Directly after becoming licensed, Ian received extensive training in Shiatsu; this is where he first learned about the auricular points. One of his first jobs as a therapist was working at Bennett Christiansen Academy, a school for children with chronic pain and chronic disorders. That was where he discovered how effective the points are for pain and chronic disorders. In 2003 Ian travelled to Los Angeles to further his training by taking classes from Terry Oleson, who in 1980 was part of the double blind studies at the UCLA Pain Management Clinic to test the validity of the points. The years following his time at Bennett Christiansen Academy, Ian has helped clients find relief from a wide variety of afflictions including arthritic conditions, cerebral palsy, bechet’s disorder, and migraines to name a few. Now Ian is turning his focus to sharing the knowledge he has accumulated over his 15 years of practice, through continuing education courses.